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Assessment: Data Entry Numeric Split Screen

Data Entry Numeric Split Screen

The Data Entry Numeric Split Screen - US assessment measures speed and accuracy at typing numbers into forms. The information candidates must enter includes business-related records including number fields such as customer number, order number, item number and quantity. Candidates may use either the keyboard's numeric keypad or the number keys at the top of the keyboard.

Assessment: Count and Stack

Count and Stack

The Count out the Money –US test measures a candidate’s money handling ability. This test is designed for entry-level positions where handling money is required on a regular basis.

Assessment: Filing Names

Filing Names

This test measures ability to sort names in alphabetical order. Test takers are shown a graphical display of four folder tabs -- three contain alphabetized names and one is blank. The test taker is required to select the name from a list that belongs on the blank tab.

Assessment: Data Entry Ten Key

Data Entry Ten Key

This test is designed to measure ability to enter numbers using a numeric keypad. Test takers are instructed to enter data into fields using a numeric keypad on their keyboard; the number keys at the top of the keyboard are disabled. The test measures for accuracy and speed.

Assessment: Professional/Individual Contributor (Short Form)

Professional/Individual Contributor (Short Form)

The Professional/Individual Contributor solution is for mid to upper-level, non-managerial positions. Sample tasks for these jobs include, but are not limited to: meeting with clients to determine their needs, analyzing data sets, and working with co-workers to complete projects. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Engineer, Human Resource Consultant, and IT Analyst. There are multiple configurations and versions of this solution available.

Assessment: General Clerical Spelling

General Clerical Spelling

This is a multiple choice assessment that measures ability to identify correctly spelled words in written communication. It is a timed assessment that covers the following topics: plurals, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, and common errors. There is also a short answer version of the test.

Assessment: Administrative Professional (Short Form)

Administrative Professional (Short Form)

The Administrative Professional Solution is for entry to mid-level positions that involve routine clerical and administrative functions in addition to office management functions and customer service. Sample tasks for this job include, but are not limited to: arranging conference calls; drafting correspondence; scheduling meetings; greeting visitors; coordinating office activities. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Administrative Assistant, Secretary, Office Manager, Administrative Aide, and Administrative Associate. There are multiple configurations of this solution available.

Assessment: Talent Simulation Relating and Networking

Talent Simulation Relating and Networking

SHL is introducing job-realistic, compelling, and highly engaging content into our predictive assessments. These simulations will measure five of the most important and predictive competencies for success in a team-based work environment, through state-of-the-art, 3D-animation technology. It engages candidates to participate in scenarios while capturing information on a person’s style of working with and relating to others, adaptability in changing or demanding situations, decisiveness, initiative, and results-orientation. Talent Simulations have been released for South Africa and will be available for UK soon. US and ANZ versions will follow later in the year.

Assessment: Hospitality Retail Associate (Short Form)

Hospitality Retail Associate (Short Form)

The Hospitality Retail Associate solution is designed for customer centered entry-level positions that may or may not include a sales component. The solution covers retail oriented positions within the hospitality industry, and sample tasks may include taking orders, solving product or service issues, responding positively to difficult customers, referring unresolved issues to the appropriate individuals, providing information on products and/or services. Potential job titles that use this solution are: Gift Shop Attendant, Sales Associate, Cashier and Salesperson. Multiple configurations of this solution are available.

Assessment: General Clerical Grammar (R1)

General Clerical Grammar (R1)

This assessment measures ability to correctly use the various parts of speech in written communication and covers subject-verb agreement, sentence structure, and punctuation.

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