PJM Selection Report (Short Form)

PJM Selection Report (Short Form)

Product Description

The PJM Report provides a clear indication of each candidate’s degree of fit? to a role. Provides targeted assessment results that match individuals with jobs . Links the essential/desirable competencies for a specific job with an individual’s competency potential. Provides an overall Match (or fit) Score useful in ranking/sorting candidates for selection and/or development (e.g. Talent Audit). It provides a highly visual profile of a candidate’s strengths and limitations against identified required competencies. Includes a summary table that enables prioritisation of action planning for development of critical competencies for an individual (by tabling Competency Potential against Job Importance for the role). It includes highly descriptive statements about a candidate’s strengths and development needs/limitations. The extended report versions include proposed competency-based interview questions to enable probing of specific situations in which the candidate might have demonstrated critical job behaviours. The PJM Report is designed for use by line managers and HR professionals in selection and development situations. It is valuable for identifying an individual’s overall fit as well as likely areas of strength and weakness relative to their behaviour at work. In a selection context, this information can be used: For making interviewers aware of the areas that may need further probing. As a basis for suggesting and creating relevant interview questions. For identifying the relative strengths and weaknesses of shortlisted candidates.

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